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Dear Friends,
I have a passion. For a long time now—for over 20 years in fact—it has been the burning desire of my heart to coach young people, men and women—whole families—to WIN in the most vital contest your team will ever face. And your team, the HOME TEAM, is the most important lineup ever created. So what’s the game?

  • It’s the game of Life, and we are all playing. No exceptions!
  • The rule book is The Word of God. (II Timothy 3:16-17)
  • To win, you need to KNOW the plays and RUN the plays.
  • If you don’t know the RULES of the game, how can you expect to win?
  • If you don’t play by the RULES of the game, can you expect to win?

Many of you who are reading this letter know me. You know my passion for wanting to help put families in
the winners’ circle. Over the years many of you have expressed this same hope for families. In fact a lot of you have encouraged me to use my experience, skills, and passion to provide a meaningful ministry to this Home Team that we all agree is under threat.

I have decided to take up the challenge, but I need your help. And while it’s hard for me to ask for financial support, I am, as Paul wrote, compelled: Compelled because the dangers families face are greater than my pride.

Visit the Coach4Christ web site. I’m sure after spending a little time there you will appreciate why I am
concerned about the family. Why I’m so determined to equip this foundational unit of civilization, so loved by God, to be over-comers in the game of life.

I’m not saying this ministry will be easy. BUT, I know I’m called, I’m prepared AND, as God blesses, IT WILL BE SUCCESSFUL AND GRATIFYING FOR ALL INVOLVED!

I urge you to pause for 2 minutes after reading this letter, to be quiet and still, then remember The Greatest Present EVER given, HIS PRESENCE. What is it worth to share Him with today’s struggling families? How much will it cost us to step into their world and offer meaningful practical help? If your heart is touched when you see families in crisis, will you join me and invest your time and resources in this ministry?

I thank you for your friendship and support to me and my family, in so many ways, over these past 30
years. Our family would not be THE HOME TEAM we are without you.

Committed to WINNING!

Coach Len Marinello

If you desire to support this Ministry, please call 760-207-8883 or mail to:

HOPE CHURCH/Coach 4 Christ
1755 Thibodo Road.
Vista, CA 92081

We will be glad to share opportunities to pray & give to this VITAL outreach to Men & Families.

Please call 760-207-8883 to speak to Coach Len Marinello.