Get in Touch!


Dear Mr. Marinello,

Among God’s many blessings one was being able to attend Cedar Lake CFO camp where I received so very much of God’s love. Thanks to your entire family for being so supportive and encouraging to all Christians and especially to me while I was at Cedar Lake! Having Peggy in my prayer group was a great blessing. And Len’s talks were absolutely what I needed to hear. I can’t go through one day without asking myself, “Is this my “A” game?” I ask that God will continue to bless your family…Your brother in Christ Jesus, T.G.

Dear Mr. Marinello,

Thank you again for the time you donated to us for flag football. The children in my class not only enjoyed playing the game, but also listened to your message of teamwork and the home team. You showed them how to apply cooperation and kindness toward others during an activity that tends to be aggressive and competitive. And many in the class who used to refuse to play team games now enthusiastically play flag football during P.E. time. I thank you for this. Sincerely, K. L.

Dear Coach,

Thank you for everything. I have been truly blessed with the part you’ve played in my life. Practice was beyond words. After some praying and soul searching, I’ve decided that before medical school, I’m going to train for a minimum of six months for baseball and see what happens! I love you and thank you again, Sincerely, R. H.

Dear Coach Marinello,

Thank you for teaching me how to work with teamwork. I know that winning doesn’t matter, it’s the attitude and teamwork. Thanks for giving up your time to teach us how to play.–K.

Dear Coach,

You are without a doubt one of the best teachers of how to grow in body, mind and spirit. You’ve had an amazing impact on our sons’ lives and in their development at school. You are a wonderful example of Christ in all respects.–Mr.& Mrs. E.

Dear Coach, Here is a poem for you:


Fun comes in wrinkles,

Fun comes in tears,

Fun comes in unexpectable shapes, sizes and people.

I can’t believe how much fun I found in this particular person.

–a Student

 Mr. and Mrs. Marinello,

Thank you for opening your house up to me Sunday nights to pray and fellowship. You two have been huge blessings to me. I feel so loved when I speak with either one of your and just KNOW that you care. I really feel a sense of peace and concern. Thank you for being good influences and just positive people. God has blessed me!–J.

My Friend Named Len–a poem

My friend named Len

You have been

There for me

As you can see

Through this week

And he help me seek

The one true God

Who is not a fraud.

He prays for me

I’m just in glee

I just sit near now

He was just like a pal.

A light

Shown in front of me,

it was an awesome sight.

It was like trying to speak to me

With a light that shown brightly through a tree.

I give up

To follow the Lord and his holy cup

I’ll share him with others

All my sisters and brothers.

From a child of God, E.B.

p.s. Thank you!

Dear Len,

You teach me a lot about God. You give me lots of joy,

Love, H.

Dear Coach,

We just want to say, We love you and appreciate the work you do here and on the field. Your love is contagious, your witness bold and roaring, and your effort and time greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

The S. family

Hey Mr. Marinello!

This camp has been the best week in my life (seriously). I’m going to miss having you as my speech and geography teacher next year, but at least I’ll still have you as a teacher in life. I thank you so much for showing me what awesome things God can do in people’s lives. God speaks through you really well and I’ve enjoyed it very much this week. You’re the coolest freak of nature ever! Thank you so much! Love you, B.J.


Whenever you give a speech, you are heart-warming. You made me cry in a good way.

-A student

Dear Len,

I wanted to thank you for giving me another chance at life, and thank you for turning me back on the right path. Thank you for letting me have another opportunity to live life to the fullest. You can trust a good youth leader. One we can CALL:

I know you care for me and I want you to know I care for you too.

Love always, S.

C—They care

A—They accept you

L—They love you

L—They help you let go.

I know you care for me and I want you to know I care for you too.

Love always, S.

Dear Len,

Thanks for coming so far to be at camp with us and be our Devotions in Motion coach! Your attitude, behavior and commitment were certainly contagious, and blessed us all as we got up to give God the glory with our whole selves. “Let go and let God” will be my new motto as I go home and try to keep my body, mind and spirit in balance. I hope someday my son has a coach like you!

Blessings, B.

Dear Len,

You really are amazing! Thank you so much for going all the way with Jesus this week for the children and youth. Without your expertise and leadership abilities our program would not have existed. We love you and want you to know we appreciate your talents. You are a true servant of the Lord and we pray His continued power in your life and ministry work.

Blessings and love,

The Council Ring

Dear Len,

Thank you for challenging us at MOMS to have a winning attitude at home. Your concise catchwords and phrases make the message easy to recall. My daughter practiced this thinking during recent soccer games. She gave her all but the team lost. But she said, “No! It’s a score!”

Easy or perfect, life is not. Only with Christ is it possible to be hopeful that the score will come out “well done!”

In His service, J.