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The Mission

Coach 4 Christ / Hope 4 the Home Team is a lay oriented ministry to the family of Christ that brings healing to hearts, wholeness to relationships, hope to families, and peace to the world.

By strengthening our relationship with our heavenly Father through training and practice we will strive to become Athletes of the Spirit, true champions for Christ.
Core Values and Beliefs:

Coach 4 Christ / Hope 4 the Home Team …

  • is a Christian lay movement.
  • believes that prayer and love are the mightiest forces in the world.
  • endeavors to create an environment of unconditional love.
  • believes in the divine inspiration of the Bible and its timeless application.
  • desires to apply the life, the laws, and the realities of the Kingdom of Heaven as set down in scriptures and as experienced in contemporary living.
  • is designed to coordinate the balance of physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life under the person and principles of Jesus Christ.
  • inspire, instruct, and provide an experience for individuals and families to make life more meaningful and effective in our walk with Jesus Christ.