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The Game Plan

Hi, I’m Len Marinello.

I’m looking for team players who have a desire to be winners in this game called life

…who are interested in beating the opponents—all those obstacles that get in the way of our success in life.– whether it may be poor habits, over-indulgence, holding onto past mistakes, hurts and resentments, or laziness, or self-doubt—whatever is standing in the way of your victory.

If you want to be a winner, a champion in this game of life, and live life more abundantly:

  • You need to be committed.
  • You need to have a desire to win in this game.
  • You need to follow the rules of the game.
  • And you need to ask Christ, Our Head Coach, to be at the center of your life. And listen to him before you take action!

That will enable you to develop a good game plan.

I will be using what I call the S.O.S. style of coaching. It works for:

  • Children and adults
  • Single people
  • Couples
  • Families.

…who might be feeling lost, or fumbling in the game of life.

S.O.S. is the universally known call for HELP, RESCUE and DISTRESS. That’s the starting point of our journey…

S.O.S. – Simple, Obvious, Strategic

To overcome the obstacles that seem so big now, you’ll need discipline. You’ll need to “take every thought captive unto Christ,” as Paul wrote.

Whether you’re struggling with an addiction—to alcohol and drugs, food, sex, possessions—or anything that keeps you apart from Christ’s plan for your life—

We’ll make a practical game plan that will include creating a safe place for you to practice honest, open and real communication with yourself and others.

Identify those opponents in your life who have caused you not to see the fullness, wholeness, abundance promised in the word.

I have come that they may have life and have it to the full. John 10:10

You can be an overcomer. The Christ-centered principles are simple. But simple is often not easy. So many times we create our own obstacles and sabotage our success. So many times we fail; we stumble and fall. So often mental attitudes become like a groove in a record and we play the old song again. But every long journey starts with a small step.